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Spirit rock painting in the Triangle.

Have you rented a School Spirit Rock in Wake County, and are looking for someone to paint it? I can help!


About me.

I'm a parent, a member of my PTA, and a part-time rock painter! I started painting at my kids school a year ago, and loved it so much I started branching out! I do have a day job, but this is some much more rewarding!


Why hire someone?

I know first-hand that painting a lumpy boulder and figuring out the logistics of layouts, brushes and spray paint can be overwhelming! Not to mention the 3 hours spent preparing and painting when you have a zillion other things to do. That's why I don't paint for my kids' birthdays anymore - but I'd love to paint for you!

artists brush over white

How It Works

Reserve the rock with your school. Reserve the painting date with me. Place your order. Pay at your convenience. Relax and enjoy the time you just gained back!

After you've reserved the spirit rock with your school, its easy to book me to paint. First, schedule the painting date with me. If you're not on my calendar, I won't see you. This will also make sure I'm available! Then fill out the order form which will provide YOU with the rate and payment instructions, and ME with all the details of what you're envisioning! I'll do my best to bring your vision to life! Supplies are included. I happily accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or school check. Best of all, it's all commitment-free. You can cancel any time. Life happens, right?

My rates are simple!
Rates do vary by location, rock size and surface, supplies and other factors, but now that I've visited more schools, I've come up with school-specific rates ($70-90) which can be viewed in the form. Everything is included, from your own custom design, to travel, supplies and of course clean-up!


Make sure you've secured the rock rental with your school first! Be familiar with their painting guidelines and times - you'll need this when you fill out my order form! Requesting a rock painting with me is a 2-step process. Booking the painting date, and filling out the order form. Both are important! Finally, you do NOT need to be there!

Book your painting date

Book the painting date (NOT the rock reservation date) according to school policy. Choose any slot available that day. If it's open, it's yours! My calendar opens at 4pm, but I follow school policy and will paint anytime in the evening AFTER I'm allowed. ***If I have a soccer game to go to, I'll paint after the soccer game:)

Book here

Order form for families

Please fill out this order form. Here you'll select the service (by school/rate) and enter basic details so I know what you're looking for, and where and when to paint! If the theme is TBD, that's okay! If your school is not listed, select "other". Once you submit the form, you'll have the option to pay immediately, or at your convenience. ***Keep your eyes open for an automatically generated email with all that info!

Order here (families)

Order form for schools

Does your school have an upcoming event? I have a special rate ($60) for schools in Wake County. Please fill out this form, as well as booking the painting date (from this page, or within the form itself). Proof of payment provided. I can also provide an invoice on request.

Order here (schools)

Your questions answered

What's included?

Everything! Supplies, peace of mind, and an ecstatic kiddo. There is absolutely nothing you need to do or get.

What's the difference between the rock reservation date and the painting date?

This is important! Each school has their own policy about when people are allowed to be on campus to paint. For most schools, its the evening BEFORE the rock reservation, starting after school dismissal. If you book me to paint ON the day you reserved the rock, I won't actually be able to paint it (because I'm not allowed to be on campus during school hours). I would refund you if that happened, but it would be heartbreaking. That's why if I'm not confident about the date you've booked me for, I'll double-check with you, or ask you to provide a screenshot of the rock rental.

Do I need to be there?

Nope! The booking calendar by default uses 'meeting', but you are not meeting me anywhere. That just puts the rock on my calendar so I know when to paint. I'm meeting with your rented rock.

Your rates look a little different from last time, how come?

The range has stayed pretty much the same, but with experience I realized that design complexity is only one of MANY factors to consider! A lot goes into painting a rock. My rates are pretty low compared to other areas, but they currently work for me, since I love what I'm doing. I have NOT factored in babysitting- I'm fortunate to have free help with that:)

What are your working hours?

I paint after school dismissal. Rarely, I'll paint before carpool starts in the morning (if the weather is bad the evening before). For everything else (design, communication, invoicing, etc.) its when time allows between family stuff and my day job.

Are you on social media?

I am! I'm not super active though. But it's definitely the quickest way to get a response from me and see my recent rocks. I'd like to add that I LOVE when parents share their smiling kids with their rocks, but I will NEVER post them or share them with anyone else. They're safe! It's literally a rock collection I post.

Why do you have so many days blocked out sometimes?

It's track out time! We go away to visit family so there are large chunks of time when I'm not around. I DO try to help remotely though (and have a secret calendar even).

Do you do anything else?

Not officially! I'm not an artist by trade (yet!) and I learn as I go, but I'm always up for a challenge. If you're curious, just ask!

How long have you been doing this?

I started about a year ago at my own school. Then this fall (2023) I started wondering if other schools had rocks, and reached out!

You're just one person, right?

Yup, it's just me! I created a website to help me stay organized as I juggle family and work and remembering where I put my coffee and pens! I'm still paranoid about missing something, so apologies if I ask the same question twice!

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Contact me.

Hopefully I've covered everything, but if you have any specific questions, the date you'd like is not available, or you're interested in a quote for something that is not a typical Spirit Rock, I'd love to hear from you!

If it's time sensitive, either shoot me a message via messenger, or text my business number.

Text/Voicemail: 919-410-7094